Saturday, March 14, 2009

The crucifixion of Jesus,poetry

I was watching the movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST the other day and even though I have watched that movie a few times, each time I watch it I reflect deeper into the role of Jesus in the lives of humanity. The movie is filled with sad events from beginning to end, no break of joy or cheers, or of reflections of happiness.

The deeds and beliefs of humanity must have sunk so low that an individual soul was sent on a mission to firmly plant the faith of humanity in God. In retrospect, if Jesus had not been crucified there will be no Christian religion, and satan and his followers would surely have taken hold of humanity. There are many atheists today who still insist there is no God. I could imagine if Jesus had not been born to replant our faith in God, especially the present generation and future generations to come. A world without Jesus would surely be a world of atheists. Let us role back time to eliminate Jesus from two thousand years ago to the present time to see what could have happened.

To begin with there would have been no Vatican, no popes, no bishops, no evangelists, no Methodist church, no Anglican church, no catholic church, no Presbyterian church, no Baptist church, and many other countless lives that have been changed through the church and their faith in Jesus would have been lost.

The work of Jesus was indeed a mission that affected the lives and well being of millions of people on this planet. If the life of this one person had been eliminated, the course of our lives would certainly have been different.

I watched the movie, as he was tortured, scourged, and eventually crucified. His mother Mary at one time asked herself, saying “son, so when would you allow yourself to be freed from this”?. Jesus could have prevented the crucifixion if he wanted to at any time. Jesus could have stopped the Roman armies with a word or a glance, if he wanted to. Jesus could have made himself invisible and untouchable if he wanted to. Jesus was at no time helpless, but was always in control throughout the whole period. Jesus had the full powers to prevent anyone causing harm to him. But you know what, he allowed himself to be beaten and eventually crucified for our sake.

God’s works and designs are complicated and too deep for human minds to comprehend, the role of events in the lives of many. Once evil entered into the world through Adam and Eve and has taken its natural course, it requires another seed to planted that will flourish to counteract the growth of evil at it’s own pace.

It is like two trees with two different seeds. One seed has populated humanity with evil and the other seed populates humanity with good. The seed of evil says to mankind, there is no God, what you see is all there is, loose your faith in God, forget the spiritual and just rely on the physical, the seed of evil says. Satan the seed bearer of evil knows he is doomed and is determined to take us all with him. Jesus had to come, to allow himself to be punished and be crucified so that another seed will be planted to combat the works of satan.

The last words of Jesus on the cross were “it is finished”. Amen, to that, it is accomplished indeed for the seed has been planted for future generations, and mankind would have a name and a faith to hang on. The words of Christ will forever flourish, heaven and earth will pass but the word of God will never pass. The mission has been accomplished, so whether we like it or not we have already won. All those that believe in God have already won, and it is a matter of time when each one of us will ascend one by one. Jesus is indeed a true seed master.

In line of this thought here is a poem titled “the pen is mightier than the sword” from the book The Trinity of lights, by Ken Nunoo

my pen is my magic wand
it performs miracles of its own
later, when my mind reads
what my pen has written
my mind wonders, where my pen had such ideas.

my pen is my magic wand
with my pen, I write names divine
then lo, and behold, miracles divine occur
with my pen, I write names holy
then lo, and behold diseases are cured

the pen is mightier than the sword
what is written by my pen, may last a thousand years
what is spoken by my mouth, may last but a day
my pen is my magic wand.

my pen is my magic wand
Yod, Aleph, He, my pen writes
Yod, He, Vau, He, my pen writes
Aleph, Lamed, He, Yod, Mem, my pen writes
these names divine my pen writes
these names holy my mouth speaks.

my pen is my magic wand
on white paper my pen draws a circle
within the circle my pen draws another circle
within the circle my pen draws a large cross

to the east of the cross my pen writes, Aleph, Resh, Yod, Aleph, Lamed
to the west of the cross my pen writes, Tau, Aleph, Resh, Samek, Yod, Shin
to the south of the cross my pen writes, Shin, Resh, Aleph. Pe
to the north of the cross my pen writes, Kaph, Resh, Vau, Beth
within the double circle my pen writes
"they pierced my hands, my sides, and my feet
I may tell my bones"
my pen is my magic wand

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Ken Nunoo